Adrian Rodriguez Dandelion


Visual Art is a unique collection featuring the exceptional fine art photography of Adrian Rodriguez. Raised in The Bronx, the first time he was introduced to photography was in a typography printing shop at Herbert H. Lehman high school.Adrian had completed all his assignments and looking around, he noticed there was a connecting room at the back of the class. The teacher said it was a dark room, which peaked his curiosity. He walked into the room and was hit by the smell of developer, from that moment Adrian was hooked.He learned everything related to photography from books, featuring Bresson, Atget and Adams. The more he saw the more he craved to learn. For Adrian, storytelling is innate and is translated through the medium of photography.For the first time in thirty years, we are able to offer the visual artwork of Adrian Rodriguez, commercially to all. We welcome you to join us on this photographic adventure where the artist shares his stories with his lens cap off and draws you into his unique world... 

Co Owner and Vice President Bagaceous Inc.

Adrian Signature