FABRICE PLAS - ARTISTIn 1990, I left school 75 in Brussels where I had the teaching of Boris Semenoff. I have done exhibitions at galleries, fairs, functions and more. If I sold some paintings, the gains were used to reimburse the costs. At that time, an art critic told the gallery exposing my work to put my paintings in an attic for 20 years and present them again. I found it funny at the time but I did not want to wait 20 years. 

 I continued for another 10 years after which I told myself, maybe I would have to change my way of thinking. So I became software engineer.Eventually my wanderings led me into an office to development software to calculating salaries. There, I realized that it was not my place and I'm not the only one to have noticed that fact! I stopped working to care for my son Adahy who was born and I was trying to find my way.

 I did not think it was realistic to become a painter again, so I tried to do graphics, illustration, photography, web development again, to make my mind off becoming an artist again. I looked at a corner of my house by imagining a painting of my work, telling me that if I do paintings a gallery will contact me.Two days later, I received an email from a gallery who invited me to send them copies of my work ... This gallery bought 14 of my paintings. She sold to a customer whose name I discovered afterwards. An auctioneer contacted me to tell me that fourteen of my paintings would be put up for auction at Drouot. 

Finally this sale was not mysteriously made.Since late 2010, I made ten paintings on canvas, many drawings and now, in 2012, I do drawings and digital painting to try and sell my creations on sites which do online printing because I tell myself that it's easier to sell paintings in China if you just print them in placing an order online.I agree with Keith Haring that art should be accessible to all, to be printed on t-shirts or other items. Websites allow this and I try to adapt. 'The ship is safe in the harbor. But that's not why ships were built.' P.Coelho. 

 Vision of my art. My paintings are portraits, even the most abstract. I begin by making the charcoal portrait, to the point of feeling an emotion or a vibration. Then I start to add colors day after day until, suddenly something that I can not explain happens.Painting becomes unbearable to me, it's as if I had to delete it but in reality it is something else going on. In general, I do not see time passing when I get to this stage of my painting while in the days before, I find that things have stagnated, the situation is blocked.From the outside you would think that I destroy what I have created. 

I myself feel this for a while before I notice that in fact I was in an inexplicable state. It's like if I let myself be guided by an energy. Once that passes, my paintings have entered another dimension and it remains to highlight what was to be expressed.I think my painting is complete when it returns to me a message and I consider it successful and if it sends a message to people who take the time to look. 

This message need not be the same as the one I received, otherwise it would mean that I have not reached the end of my work.What gives me the most pleasure is listening to people in standing in front of my paintings tell me what they see or feel. I see my paintings as mirrors.The new series of paintings began in 2010, they are abstractions from the Thoth Tarot cards. I plan to make the 78 tarot cards. The Tarot represents all possible paths of human life, I feel like I have never been much in the picture until now...  

Fabrice Plas 
Artist At Bagaceous Inc.