Krystal Greiner

It's official, Krystal Greiner has been appointed as our Founder, Louisa Catharine's representative for worldwide Fashion Week Events and Exhibitions, as our Founder will be focusing on the business side of our brand and concentrating on her philanthropic Amabassadorial work for Canada in 2018.

With the greatest of thanks, to Krystal, for joining us as we make the transition from a bespoke jewelry brand, to lifestyle which focuses mainly on selling to the Trade. Giving artists more exposure plus high commission and connecting them with our existing worldwide team. Simultaneously helping causes we believe in by paying it forward whenever possible.

Krystal Greiner

In Krystal's words: "I graduated from the University at Albany of May 2017, with a bachelor of arts in sociology and psychology. I traveled abroad for four months last year, where my temporary home was located in Florence, Italy.

With that I had the opportunity to travel to six other countries, as well as study and embrace many diverse cultures. While abroad, I had the chance to study at Florence University of the Arts, where I learned in depth about the cultures history, arts, food, wine and language.

I am currently in graduate school pursuing a masters of science in higher education to become an educational leader in student affairs, such as a study abroad advisor or director. It’s a rewarding feeling to share your experiences and connect with students with various backgrounds from around the world.

My concentration within this degree is international education, where I would continue my passion for travel throughout my life and utilize it in my future career successes."

2018 is going to be an incredible year, welcome on board Krystal!