Louisa Catharine Founder Bagaceous Inc.


Louisa Catharine' bespoke jewelry has been featured in the US since she created her first sea glass and waxed linen piece in shades of the sea in 2005. A commission piece for a ‘daylight photographer’ of note. Her jewelry designs led her into entertainment after her first Red Carpet Order in 2006. She retains close ties with all who she met within the film industry and occasionally still attends Film Festival Events. Louisa Catharine exhibits her work worldwide at shows, be they runway fashion such as at Couture Fashion Week in USA with Andres Aquino, boutique shows such at the Trump Tower in New York, Fashion Week Cannes and Fashion/Art events in Europe.  She was awarded the 2010 Global Citizenship Award For Leadership In Helping Humanity, awarded in NYC by Orphans International Worldwide and the Woman In Biz Award from UK. A Published photographer and accredited article author, you can find Louisa Catharine's work as part of Google Create too, where she thrives on sharing her creativity and knowledge of design.



Cristina Anderson

 Louisa Catharine Forsyth is an artist and a professional with many talents and skills. She is a true global businesswoman, a professional photographer and an insightful artist. The jewelry designed by her is pure luxury, which I can use on any occasion from business to a party. I am a keynote speaker, Louisa's jewelry gives me just that touch of splendor that helps me feel fantastic when I perform.I also have Louisa's photographic art in my home. I must say, I am a real fan of hers!

Cristina Andersson (Entrepreneur. Visionary strategist. Board member. Robot master, Finland)

J.D. LeaSure

Louisa is a wonderful and caring person. She brings a wealth of creative skills, professionalism and expertise to any project she is involved with. I am inspired by her exceptional skills and I warmly recommend her for any venture that you may require true perfection.

J.D. LeaSure, TSCM, Cyber TSCM, CEO, ComSec LLC Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Cyber TSCM, Global Counterespionage Specialist.