Michel Lienard


MICHEL LIENARD (B. 1945) Lives and works in Belgium. MICHEL LIENARD (B. 1945) Lives and works in Belgium. He is considered one of the best contemporary living artists in his country. He is a talented Artist who exhibited with F. Bacon, Delvaux, Fini, Berrocal.... in 1986. His works of Art have been displayed in well-known institutions and around the world including Musée de Beaux Arts in 1992 (Tourcoing, France) as well as at contemporary art galleries in Japan, Italy and Belgium.His paintings are inspired by one central theme: the search for love. It provides him with guidance and inspiration. In contrast with the artist's modesty and humility, his work is animated, vivid and colorful.He has an intense style of drawing which allows us to enter his rich and complex inner world. I am a Belgian painter and I qualify myself as a conceptual-practitioner. The essence of my works of art is based on new forms crossing and mixing each other without any centre or any limited border.So we can say that the forms are not completely finished which gives the opportunity to the observer to interact directly with the painting, to interpret and make it owns.It is what I called the "non painted".It represents the position of the observer himself. By the way Iam also an art historian and teacher...with an experience of 35 years, I am currently retired but still active and activist. My first exhibition was in 1970.